Learning The Basics

Before we get into any coding first we will cover some basic skills that will be needed to complete the coding short course. The basics covered in this first lesson will be:

  • Folders and files
  • Editors
  • Browsers


First we will have a look at how to create and manage folders. It is really important to keep a clean and well organised set of folders. If you have a messy draw or cupboard at home and you are trying to find something it can cause lots of problems.

You might also hear a folder referred to as a Directory.

If you have a folder where you keep all your work, we often call this the root folder or the root directory. In this folder you might want to setup several other folders, perhaps one for each subject where you are expected to save work. See the example below.

Folders can contain other folders or files. Files are a collection of data stored in one place, we often call these files Documents. If you think of your school bag as a folder or directory that stores files, the files would be your books. You could then think of your locker as another folder that stores your bag and other files.


When we write code we need to use a program or application to do this. A very common application that is readily available is Windows Notepad. Notepad is a simple text editor that can be used to work on many files that will be used on the coding short course. There are many other editors available, as you learn more about coding you might want to have a look at what applications are available for working on your code. Notepad++ is a free application that is very nice to use and has more functionality than Notepad.

Notepad Icon Notepad ++ logo


Everybody should be familiar with web browsers. there are many types of web browsers available. Two of the most popular are Internet Explorer from Microsoft or Chrome from Google. Another popular browser is Safari from Apple. When we are working with Html we will use an editor such as Notepad to write the code and a browser such as Chrome to execute the code. Browsers have many tools to help us test and debug our code, as we learn more about Html we will look more at some of these tools.

A collection of logos from popular browsers.